Frequently asked questions

How to earn Bitcoin ?

Bytcoyn is a great BITCOIN generating system, offering you the possibility to earn up to ฿0.001 from your referrals purchases
Promoting Bytcoyn's links and banners you will get a referral list who can pay you instantly any time.
CAN'T HANDLE TO PROMOTE ? RELAX! You will get random referrals added from direct sign-ups.
The GOLDEN package contains free banner advertising for your own business. After the banner settings these will be displayed on all pages. As FREE member you are allowed to advertise just the 468 x 60 banner.

How Does this work ?

2. UPGRADE to GOLDEN to get all the privileges;
3. SET correctly your BITCOIN address to receive BTC from referrals;
4. PROMOTE your unique link or the banners provided in promotion tools.
5. EARN BTC from your enrolled and random referrals.
An email notification will be sent to you after each payment received.

What are the commissions ?

      As GOLDEN member you earn ฿0.001 on referrals purchases (GOLDEN upgrade).
As FREE member you earn ฿0.0003 on referrals purchases (GOLDEN upgrade).

Which are Bytcoyn prices ?

The price of GOLDEN upgrade is ฿0.0025 / lifetime.

The table of privileges

Membership color free goldengold
Membership statusFREEGOLDEN
Commissions on referrals upgrades฿0.0003฿0.001
Banners to advertise for FREE1 banner4 banners
Random referrals
Payout methodBTC walletBTC wallet
Can send support tickets
Can send private messages
Period of upgradeLifetime
Price of upgrade฿0.0025
ProcessorsBlockChain / CoinPayments